women’s march

Charlotte's women's march was a family affair  I was pleased that parents brought their children to the Women’s March today. This will be something the kids remember for the rest of their lives. I’ll remember it as well. The crowd was diverse in gender, race, culture religion, age, and cause … but today we were all women saying women’s rights are human rights.

Personally, I marched because president trump needs to told that the sexual assault, he bragged about, is reprehensible.

This photo was taken at 300 S Church St in Romare Bearden Park. Following is a website for the Women’s March on Charlotte.

blue and red elevators

blue and red elevators Today’s photo is a collage showing blue and red elevators in Three Wells Fargo Center. I like the color contrast. Note that I shared a similar photo called staircase art in elevator lobby … sort a mini elevator series (smile).

This photo was taken at 401 South Tryon Street. Following is a link to the website for Three Wells Fargo Center.

Que Onda Tacos and Tequila

Que Onda Tacos and Tequila Last night, we enjoyed a meal at Que Onda Tacos and Tequila. The food and drinks were very good. In addition, I especially enjoyed the art. The artist is Rosalia Torres-Weiner.

These photos were taken at 333 West Trade Street in Uptown Charlotte. Following is a link to the Que Onda website.

Mama Ricotta’s

Ricky at Mama Ricotta's Another enjoyable activity this weekend was to stop, at Mama Ricotta’s, for a pizza prepared by Ricky. We enjoy sitting at the pizza bar and watching Ricky prepare our favorite; a white pizza with chicken sausage, spinach, and red peppers (yum).

This photo was taken at 601 S Kings Drive. Following is a link to the website for Mama Ricotta’s.

Campbell’s Greenhouses

One of the highlights of our weekend was to shop for orchids Campbell’s Greenhouses in Dilworth near uptown Charlotte. Their orchids make me look I know what I’m doing. Actually the have a program where you return your orchid after the blooms have fallen and then a year later it is booming again. You pay once and then pay a small fee for them to care for your orchid.

This photo was taken at 209 McDonald Ave. Following is a link to Campbell’s Greenhouses Facebook page.