Roof top bar

The recently opened Kimpton Tryon Park Hotel has a roof top bar which we have attempted to visit twice. However it is closed on Sundays and that is the day we keep trying. Maybe the front desk will let management know there is an opportunity on Sunday because they are having to turn people away đŸ˜‰

The Kimpton Tryon Park Hotel overlooks Romare Bearden Park.

Ireland’s war service

This lone soldier marched in Charlotte’s Saint Patrick’s day parade. There were floats, bands, bagpipes, and dancing children. But what moved me the most was this tribute to Ireland’s war service. Based on the uniform it would appear this was specific to WWI

Following is an interesting article about Ireland and World War I

Keeping the rail trail clean

Today I happened upon this professional photo shoot and I took a quick snap with my iPhone. It appears the goal was to advocate for efforts to keep the Charlotte Rail Trail clean.

Notice the perfect timing with the train entering the station.

This photo was taken at the intersection of Martin Luther King Boulevard and the light rail. The station is called the 3rd Street / Convention Center station.

Shadows and sunlight

I took this photo because I liked the contrast of shadows and sunlight. The red brick building, in the background, sits behind Saint Peters Catholic Church and as you can see the building has a modern “church architecture“.

The building houses a pizza restaurant, a steak restaurant, and office space.

The photo was taken in The Green at 435 South Tryon.

Busy busy busy

This photo shows the Apple Store at SouthPark Mall, five minutes after opening on a Sunday. They do a very brisk business and most customers enter the store ready to purchase.

This morning I purchased a set of AirPods. Over the last few years we have shifted to Apple in a big way. Not only iPhones .. we also have an Apple TV, an iMac, a MacBook, two Apple watches, and now two set of AirPods.

This photo was taken at 4400 Sharron Road. Following is a link to the Apple SouthPark store.