women’s march

Charlotte's women's march was a family affair  I was pleased that parents brought their children to the Women’s March today. This will be something the kids remember for the rest of their lives. I’ll remember it as well. The crowd was diverse in gender, race, culture religion, age, and cause … but today we were all women saying women’s rights are human rights.

Personally, I marched because president trump needs to told that the sexual assault, he bragged about, is reprehensible.

This photo was taken at 300 S Church St in Romare Bearden Park. Following is a website for the Women’s March on Charlotte.

Embassy Suites

the Embassy Suites The Embassy Suites, by Hilton, is new construction in Uptown Charlotte. Interestingly it is across the street from the Hilton Garden Inn. So hopefully they will attract different clientele or they may be robbing Peter to pay Paul (smile).

This photo was taken at 401 East Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Following is a link to the Uptown Charlotte Embassy Suites hotel.


Tesla is my dream car. Maybe in 2017, when the Telsa model III is releases, we will buy one of these. I understand they are targeting a more affordable price point. My daughter says I will not be happy with an “affordable” Tesla given the luxury will be missing. But mainly I’m interested in the plugin technology. So I’m holding off to buy our next car until 2017.

As for the photo. I like the reflection and the Tesla logo. This photo was taken in Uptown Charlotte near 550 South Tryon Street. The reflection shows the Duke Energy Center which we have shared photos of before.

colorful parking garage

a colorful parking garage in Uptown Charlotte This colorful parking garage caught my eye recently and so we are sharing a photo with you. Actually Charlotte has several interesting parking garages which make for good photo opportunities. However they don’t catch my attention given we mostly walk … my reason for noticing this parking garage is that it is next to the 7th Street Public Market where everything from fresh produce to wine and good food can be found.

This photo was taken near 224 E 7th Street and following is a link to the 7th Street Public Market.

hear the truth

a work of art called Hear the Truth, found Imaginon in Uptown Charlotte While on a stroll through uptown we enjoy the art at ImaginOn a children’s library and theater. This is a photo of one work of art called Hear the Truth. There is similar art including a keyboard large enough to jump from key to key. Also, our grandson can attest to how fun the Children’s Theater is!

A Wikipedia article says ImaginOn is a collaborative venture of the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County and the Children’s Theater of Charlotte located in Charlotte. ImageOn is located at 300 East Seventh Streett in Uptown Charlotte.

skye condo swimming pool

the Skye condo swimming pool in Uptown Charlotte This photo of the SKYE condo swimming pool was taken on a recent visit to the Fahrenheit Restaurant which is on the top of the Skye Condominiums in Uptown Charlotte. Be sure and time your visit to enjoy the sunset.

This photo was taken at South Caldwell and East 3rd Streets. Also, following is a link the the SKYE Condominiums