bicycles found in your city

Theme Day is bicycles found in your city.  Our city is Charlotte It is theme day … bicycles found in your city … and our contribution presents the idea that sometimes the best thing about a bicycles is where it takes you. In this case the Dandelion Market in Uptown Charlotte. Connie and I often enjoy wine and appetizers at the Dandelion bar on quite Sunday afternoons … Follow this link for interpretations, of the bicycle theme, from around the world.

This photo was taken at 118 West 5th Street in Uptown Charlotte. Following is a link the Dandelion Market website.

continuum fresco

continuum fresco by Ben Long found at 401 North Tryon in Uptown Charlotte Connie and I were walking home from an evening stroll and notice a person taking photos … naturally I went to see what he was taking photos of and found this continuum fresco by Ben Long … it is at 401 North Tryon Street and open for the public to enjoy.

Note that the fresco is in a dome and an interesting point I found is that if you set your smartphone on a timer you can place it in the center of the pattern on the sidewalk and take fairly cool selfie with Ben (smile).

4th Ward Park

the 4th Ward Park as seen on an evening stroll in Uptown Charlotte This is the 4th Ward Park as seen on an evening stroll in Uptown Charlotte. We enjoyed the walk and a good meal at Al Mike’s Tavern which is next to the 4th Ward.

This photo was taken near the intersection of West 7th Street and North Pine Street. Also, following is a link to the Al Mike Tavern website which is officially Alexander Michael’s Restaurant and Tavern.