blue and red elevators

blue and red elevators Today’s photo is a collage showing blue and red elevators in Three Wells Fargo Center. I like the color contrast. Note that I shared a similar photo called staircase art in elevator lobby … sort a mini elevator series (smile).

This photo was taken at 401 South Tryon Street. Following is a link to the website for Three Wells Fargo Center.

Harvey B. Gantt Center

the Harvey B. Ghatt Center in Uptown Charlotte This photo shows a wider angle from yesterday’s photo. The building in the foreground is the Harvey B. Gantt Center, for African American Arts and Culture. It is a beautiful building with interesting architecture and outstanding exhibits … the parking lot, in the photo, will soon be a new office tower.

This photo was taken at 551 S Tryon St. Following is a link to the website for Harvey B. Gantt Center.


Challenges of taking photos This photo presented challenges given the shadow and light contrast. In addition there was distortion, in the angle of the buildings, which is a common challenge with close up skylines. Thanks to photo shop I was pleased with the results.

The buildings in the photo (from left to right) include: the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art400 South Tryon300 South Tryon … the Bank of America CenterThree Wells Fargo Center … and the Ratcliffe Condos.

This photo was taken near the intersection of East Stonewall and North Tryon, looking North East.

Omni Hotel

Omni Hotel The Omni Hotel is shown in this photo taken during the Veterans Day Parade. The large flag is the focus of the photo along with the distinctive architecture of the Omni. However, look closely and you will also see a drone which was taking photos of the parade.

This photo was taken at 132 E Trade St in Uptown Charlotte. Following is the link for the Omni Hotel.

heart of Uptown Charlotte

Construction at 300 S Tryon the heart of Uptown Charlotte Today photo shows the construction at 300 South Tryon the heart of Uptown Charlotte … this construction site is across the street from the office building where I work and the buildings in the background are apartments next the Romare Bearden Park.

This photo was taken at 300 South Tryon. The building in the background is called the Catlyst. We have shown the apartments near Romare Bearden Park in this previous post.

before cell phones

tribute to Alexander Graham Bell  just outside of the ATT building.  A time before cell phones Work is crazy busy at present. I feel a little like this guy laying phone lines all around the world in a time before cell phones. It is hard to find time to do what I enjoy such as sharing photos.

This photo was taken at 300 South Brevard Street just outside of the ATT building in Uptown Charlotte. Interestingly I found an article which indicates ATT will be vacating the building in 2015. I wonder if they will take Alexander with them (smile).

BOA Center

The BOA Center in Uptown Charlotte Today’s photo shows the BOA Center which is the tallest building in Charlotte. Look closely, at previous photos, and you will often find it in the Charlotte skyline. A friend of mine had the good fortune to attend a party on the top floor … Uptown in the crown (smile).

The wikipedia article indicates that gold was found during excavation for the foundation of the BOA Center … Gold makes a solid foundation for a Bank (smile).

The Bank of America Corporate Center is located at 150 N College Street.

Trademark building in blue

The Trademark Building in blue I took this photo because the evening light cast the Trademark Building in blue … It is interesting how light and shadows have such a significant impact on what we see … It is a beautify building with upscale condos which have outstanding views and in this case outstanding colors.

This photo of the Trademark building was taken at 333 West Trade Street.