women’s march

Charlotte's women's march was a family affair  I was pleased that parents brought their children to the Women’s March today. This will be something the kids remember for the rest of their lives. I’ll remember it as well. The crowd was diverse in gender, race, culture religion, age, and cause … but today we were all women saying women’s rights are human rights.

Personally, I marched because president trump needs to told that the sexual assault, he bragged about, is reprehensible.

This photo was taken at 300 S Church St in Romare Bearden Park. Following is a website for the Women’s March on Charlotte.

Charlotte Marathon

Charlotte Marathon The Charlotte Marathon was ran yesterday (November 12th) and as the photo shows it was cold. These two runners stayed warm with tin foil wrap. Actually this is a thing now and I assume you can buy these sheets in any running shop. I understand they are light weight and do a good job of blocking the wind.

This photo was taken at the intersection of South Tryon and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. For those who want to run next year; following is the Facebook page for the Charlotte Marathon.

mystery convention

Backpacks headed to a mystery convention in Uptown Charlotte We went for a walk Sunday morning and noticed backpacks everywhere. There were so many that we asked what was up and these guys they said they were attending a mystery convention … then they smiled and said there were geeks (smile). I assume their backpacks were full of cards or comic books which they traded. I have googled the subject but have not found the name of the event or a website. But we can attest it was well attended given we saw several hundred people with backpacks headed to the Convention Center.

brass band at Taste of Charlotte

brass band at Taste of Charlotte This brass band at Taste of Charlotte drew a big crowd. In addition to being good and entertaining they also had one very young performer. You will be pleased to know that I contributed to their donation bucket. A piece of wisdom, read on facebook, said if a street performed gets you to stop then you own them a donation.

The photo was taken at the intersection of Trade and Tryon. The event was a Taste of Charlotte 2015.

MLK parade

The MLK parade in Uptown Charlotte with the modern art museum in the background. My grandson and I enjoyed the MLK parade this weekend. There were marching bands, floats, motorcycles, and lots of politicians … what I enjoyed the most was with honor guard … I also enjoy the modern art museum in the background and the Levine Avenue of the Arts sign … my grandson enjoyed the marching bands.

This photo was taken at the intersection of South Tryon and Levine Avenue of the Arts. Here is a link to the MLK Parade facebook page.