Uptown art

by Denton Today’s photo looks the opposite direction from the two photos shared the previous days. The sun is prominent in the photo as is the Uptown art. The is a similar piece of art on the other side of the street. Jointly they welcome visitors to Uptown Charlotte.

This photos was taken at intersection of Interstate 277 and South Tryon. Following is a link to websites for the Uptown Museums.

Uptown Charlotte

Uptown Charlotte Is Uptown the upside down version of downtown? I ask because tomorrow is theme day in the City Daily Photo community and upside down is the theme. I chose to go with a more literal interpretation of the theme but it is always fun to see the different interpretations. Join us tomorrow for an upside down tour of the world.

This photo was taken on the South Tryon Street overpass crossing Interstate 277. The City Daily Photo theme day can be found at July 2015 gallery – upside down.